Hello, meet Karen Livesay Fitch. In December of 2019 Karen suffered a spinal cord injury due to an AVM in her spinal cord. In April of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic she returned home while still on ventilator support along with a trachea installed. With the incredible support of her husband, family and friends, and prayers around the world, she continued to work extremely hard towards her recovery.

Prognosis was unclear and upsetting at the onset of her injury, but as she regained some movement in her left arm and hand, it motivated Karen even more and she works tirelessly everyday. In July of 2020, at the end of a long day, Karen tried to wiggle her toes and miraculously one toe did. This amazed everyone around her and gave a great amount of hope for the first time in a long time.

Efforts have continued and Karen was able to go off the ventilator in October of 2020. As we continue to fight and improve, Karen and her husband, Nik want to raise money for Spinal Cord Research. They believe there are future restorative therapies and regenerative medicines that will not only help Karen walk again, but also many other. They want to be proactive and on the forefront of the mission.

Karen and Nik own a cow calf operation that brings great joy to Karen and her family. We want to share that joy and happiness we get, from our farm to your home with part of the profit going to Spinal Cord Research.

We hope you will join us in the fight that affects millions around the globe.


Cuddle Cow Company raises money and awareness for the spinal cord injury community - YouTube