Meet Karen and Nik

Karen and Nik met through mutual friends. Nik had noticed Karen in the past and she had popped up on Facebook as an suggested friend. One of Nik's friends Colin knew Karen very well and he had asked about her and asked to put a good word in for him. Naturally Karen told Colin she was not interested and to stop wasting his time. Eventually through some persistence Karen agreed to go out with Nik. They started dating in the Summer of 2014 and got engaged in the summer of 2016 and married in the fall of 2017. They enjoy baseball, Karen being a cardinals fan and Nik being a Cubs fan. Owning and Operating their Cow-Calf herd and running an Agriculture Sales Business. Both growing up on family farms and big families they share a passion for agriculture and family values. Spending time outside with family members is a main hobby of theirs. Whether that's fishing, hunting, baseball, swimming or yard games. Shortly before they married a neighbor of Karen's parents approached them wanting to sell them his farm. A couple months later Nik and Karen were proud owners of a homestead farm of their own. Just a couple miles from where Karen grew up, it served as a blessing to be close to family during these difficult health challenges. Through the past 18 months we have learned what incredible challenges spinal cord injury's bring. Despite having so much help we know there are many others who do not have the privilege of having such a strong support system. We hope you can join Karen and Nik's mission to help Spinal Cord Injury research and help bring healing to many individuals.