The day the heard arrived

When Karen was a senior in college, she decided she wanted to return to the farm after graduation. She worked with her family to purchase her own herd. Karen was nervous and excited about the challenges that come with starting and managing a herd. So Rod (Karen's Dad) and Karen went to Bowling Green, Missouri to attend a sale. Several hours later Karen had purchased 20 Cows of her own. Karen's herd consisted of many different types of cows and she made sure to purchase the one Oreo Cow that came through. A few days later the truck arrived with the cows. The moment the trailer door opened the cows sprinted out and did a lap around the pasture. We couldn't tell who was more excited. The cows or Karen. Over the years we have had to part with some of the original herd. But we have kept many heifers that were born right here on the farm. Watching those heifers grow up and become moms of their own is an exciting process. Like many farmers we have a great interest in our cows. We give them the best care that we can. We hope you get to know some of our cows and enjoy them as much as we do.



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